New State Logo on Foster Care Did you know? Over 12,900 of Michigan’s children are currently in foster care.Of these 12,900, nearly 40% are from the counties of Macomb, Oakland, and Wayne! On an average day, 12 children from the Tri-County area enter foster care. These are our children from our community and they need individuals and businesses willing to become difference makers in their lives. We hope that after you explore our website, you will want to support these children by becoming a foster/adoptive parent, a volunteer, or a recruiter.

Without a permanent family, a youth in foster care:

  •        May never hang pictures on the bedroom wall.

  •        May never know what it feels like to sit down to a family dinner at 6pm.

  •        May not have anyone cheering for them at a sporting event.

  •        Might never have anyone say “You’re grounded. Because I love you.”

  •        May never get an allowance.

  •       Doesn’t have a place to come home to during college break.

  •      May never have a chance to go “back to school shopping” with their parents.

  •      Might never hear a bedtime story.

  •      Might not have anyone representing them in the stands at high school graduation.

The i-CARE 365 project believes that every child deserves a permanent family. And we are committed to finding families for children in our foster care system. These families are people who believe in the power of family. Who believe in children. Who want to change the lives of children who need someone to believe in them. Who care about children.


 National Foster Care Month

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